Terms & Conditions

The purchase - sale online store e.viskasplytelems.lt rules:
First General Provisions
1.1. These supply contracts - rules (the "Rules"), after approval by the Purchaser (read the rules and selecting the box to the statement "I met with e.viskasplytelems.lt" rules and agree with them "), are parties to a legally binding document that the Customer and the Seller's rights and obligations, the acquisition of goods and payment for them, conditions of delivery and recovery procedures, responsibilities and other countries to purchase goods - sale "e.viskasplytelems.lt's online store provisions.
1.2. Seller reserves the right at any time to change, edit or add to the Rules, having regard to the statutory requirements. Any changes, corrections or additions signed up buyer will be informed of the accession "e.viskasplytelems.lt page time and in order to shop on this online store, will have to re-approve the amended Rules.
1.3. Online store e.viskasplytelems.lt 'trading is carried out only in the territory of Lithuania.
1.4. Buy our online store have the right to:
1.4.1. legal capacity of natural persons, i.e., persons who have reached the age of majority, the insanity is not limited to court;
1.4.2. minor from fourteen to eighteen years of age, only parents or guardians, except when they dispose of their own income;
1.4.3. legal persons;
1.4.4. all of the above mentioned persons authorized representatives.
1.5. Buyer confirming the rule, confirm that it is based shall be entitled to purchase goods "e.viskasplytelems.lt's online store.
Second Protection of personal data
2.1. Order products online store e.viskasplytelems.lt buyer can in two ways:
2.1.1. by registering on this website, you enter your login and password;
2.1.2. without registering on this website.
2.2. The buyer ordering the goods to the seller submitted information in the fields to specify the ordering proper execution of the necessary personal data: name, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address.
2.3. Buyer agrees to these Terms confirming that their personal data is processed goods and services for sale online store e.viskasplytelems.lt purposes.
2.4. The buyer, agreeing that their personal data is processed goods and services for sale online store Dealer purpose, also agrees that the specified e-mail address and telephone number are sent to the communications necessary to comply with order of the product.
2.5. The customer making the booking, check-in, or may express its consent / dissent on the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes. This he does noting (I agree that the personal data to be used for marketing purposes tieisoginės) or un-check mark (do not agree). We send a monthly newsletter by e client. post and made it possible to abandon the newsletter (the newsletter at the end of the selection: "unsubscribe" - click on the customer no longer receives the newsletter).
2.6. Seller confirms that the Buyer's personal data will be processed solely for the goods and services for sale online store e.viskasplytelems.lt, Vendor performance analysis and direct marketing (unless the buyer refuses to have his personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes) purposes. Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's personal data to third parties other than Seller's partners, providing delivery or else the buyer ordering the proper fulfillment services. In all other cases, the Buyer's personal data to third parties may be disclosed only to the legislation of the Republic order.
2.7. Buyers wishing to book seller online store offered partner services may do so by expressing consent, the clearly stated his personal data are referred to the appropriate outsourcing partner For purposes.
3rd - Purchase sales contract the moment
3.1. The agreement between the buyer and the seller may be concluded from the moment buyer option on buying (s) product (s) and formed a shopping cart, click on "Order" and the seller to contact the buyer by telephone him or e-mail. email, confirm the order by sending e give the letter. email of order confirmation.
3.2. Each of the Buyer and the Seller a purchase - sale agreement is recorded and stored in e.viskasplytelems.lt Web Store database.
4th Buyer's rights
4.1. The buyer has the right to purchase goods online store e.viskasplytelems.lt these Regulations and other merchants online store of information set out in column order.
4.2. The buyer has the right to access their personal data and the right to request rectification of incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate personal data by writing e-mail. info@viskasplytelems.lt mail or calling the number +370 656 19 670th In this case, the vendor must immediately implement the buyer's request (within 1-2 days).
4.3. The buyer has the right to refuse the purchase - sale agreement entered into with e.viskasplytelems.lt Shop by notifying the Seller in writing (e-mail indicating the desired return of the product and its order number) not later than 7 calendar days after delivery of the item.
4.4. The buyer the right to refuse the purchase - sale agreement implemented in accordance with the Minister of Economy in 2001. August 17. Order No. 258 approved duffel sales and services when the contracts are concluded by means of communication rules.
4.5. Buyer the right to refuse the purchase - sale agreement may be exercised only if the product has been tampered with or substantially change its appearance, and it was not used, was praimta were not collected and left in original packaging.
4.6. In the event that the buyer e.viskasplytelems.lt online store purchases of goods supplied and wishes to withdraw from the purchase and sale contract for a (certain) products (goods), the seller is obliged to return the entire set of products. In the event that at least one of the supplied goods do not comply with rules 11.4. the above requirements, the Seller shall have the right to refuse to accept the return of goods supplied.
5th Customer Obligations
5.1. The buyer must pay for the goods and take them to those stated in the Rules.
5.2. Joined Buyer undertakes not to transfer to third parties your login information. If the buyer loses the data connection, it must immediately inform the seller in the "Contact Us" referred to means.
5.3. If the changes registered at the buyer registration form, the data must be immediately updated.
5.4. Buyers using the "e.viskasplytelems.lt" buy it undertakes to comply with these rules and other conditions clearly set out the online store, and to preserve the Lithuanian legislation.
6th Seller's rights
6.1. Seller has the right, in its sole discretion to determine the minimum size of a basket of goods, ie, minimum amount at which the buyer will be booking. The amount of visible reviewing your cart.
6.2. If the buyer is trying to undermine the online store job stability and security, or in breach of its obligations, the Seller shall have the right to immediately and without notice to restrict or suspend him the opportunity to buy or, in exceptional cases, eliminate the registration of the buyer.
6.3. In the event of serious circumstances, the Seller may suspend or terminate the online shopping activities, giving prior notice to the Purchaser.
6.4. Seller shall have the right without prior notice to the Buyer to cancel the order if the buyer the option to pay by bank transfer does not pay for the goods within 3 (three) business days.
6.5. When the buyer selects the method of payment - in cash at the time of delivery, the Seller in the event of doubt on the order information, contact the Customer's order by phone. Product delivery time in this case begins to run from the communication with the customer. Seller shall have the right without prior notice to the Buyer to cancel the order if the seller is unable to contact a Buyer within three (3) working days.
7th Seller's obligations
7.1. Seller agrees to these rules and conditions laid down by the online store the Buyer access to the internet stores e.viskasplytelems.lt services.
7.2. Buyer Seller is obliged to respect the right to privacy in his personal information, which The Buyer's personal data solely for the rules in Chapter 2 and the Lithuanian legal acts.
7.3. Seller agrees to deliver the goods ordered by the buyer at the address indicated in section 9 of the rules specified conditions.
7.4. Seller of important factors can not deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer undertakes to offer a similar or minimize their characters look more like a commodity. Buyer refuses to accept similar properties or your closest item, the Seller agrees to refund the money paid by the buyer within 7 (seven) working days, if payment is made in advance.
7.5. Purchaser exercises Rules 4.2. above the law and the rules in 4.4. conditions have been fulfilled, the Seller agrees to refund the money paid by the buyer within 10 (ten) working days, counted from the date of receipt of returned goods.
8th Commodity prices, payment procedures and deadlines
8.1. Commodity prices online store and formed the Order in Euros including VAT.
8.2. Buyer pays for goods in one of the following ways:
8.2.1. Payment by bank transfer - this payment, the buyer after the order confirmation received instruction about the payment, transfer money to e.viskasplytelems.lt's bank account.
8.2.2. Payment in cash delivery / collection time - The buyer pays for the goods to their delivery / collection (transmission - making) time.
8.2.3. Payment via leasing companies provide consumer credit contracts service - this is the method of payment, the Buyer (an individual) and the leasing company enters into a contract for the supply of financing Seller online store.
9th Delivery of goods
9.1. The buyer, ordering goods may choose the way of delivery, ie Seller shall make use of delivery service or product seller take-back point.
9.2. Delivery of goods to the Buyer:
9.2.1. The buyer, chosen at time of order delivery service, committed to the exact place of delivery.
9.2.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods. In the event that he himself can not accept the fact that the goods delivered to the address given on the basis of data supplied by other buyer, the buyer has no right to bring claims against the Seller for the delivery ill.
9.2.3. Seller delivers the goods or his authorized representative.
9.2.4. Delivery of goods (transport), the Republic of Lithuania is carried out in the company's motor transport or delivery tarnybom, as an additional tax.
9.2.5. The products are delivered to the Republic of Lithuania and the EU countries.
9.2.6. This item is not užnešamos.
9.3. Item pick Seller of withdrawing items:
9.3.1. Buyers can collect the goods from the Seller free of withdrawing point located at Verkiai g. 36, LT-09109, Vilnius, Lithuania.
9.3.2. Ordered products must be withdrawn no later than three (3) working days, calculated from the Seller's confirmation that the order has been prepared, the moment of receipt.
9.3.3. Goods can only withdraw the order or a person specified in the order at the time. Acceptance of the Goods shall be with you and the seller have the staff to present a valid identity document (identity card, passport or new type of driver's license).
9.6. Seller shall deliver the goods to the Purchaser in accordance with the descriptions of the terms. These terms are preliminary, in addition to not apply in cases where the seller does not stock the necessary items, and the buyer is informed about his lack of goods ordered. Along Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases, the presentation may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances beyond the Seller. In such a case, the Seller agrees to immediately contact the Buyer and match products to be used.
9.7. In all cases, Seller exempt from liability for breach of terms of delivery if the goods are not submitted to the Buyer, or submitted at the time due to fault of the buyer or the buyer belonging to the circumstances.
9.8. Presentation of goods to the Buyer the Buyer shall, together with the seller or his agent to check items and item (s) condition and signed transfer of the lot - the adoption of a document or a VAT invoice. The buyer signing the transfer of the lot - the adoption of a document or a VAT invoice, it is assumed that the consignment has been delivered in satisfactory condition, brand damage, the occurrence of basis attributable to non-factory Brok, and the item (s) configuration inconsistencies (such that you can identify external examination of goods subjects). Noticing that the parcel damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise damaged externally), product (s) is a violation (s) and / or product (s) is an improper configuration, the buyer must be noted on the consignment transmission - adoption of the document or VAT invoice, and in the presence of the seller or his representative, write free-form items and / or item (s) damage / discrepancy Act. Buyer fails to make these actions, the Seller shall be relieved of liability to the Buyer for goods damage if any damage incurred basis is not factory reject the goods and configuration inconsistencies if these discrepancies can be outer product inspection.
10th Product quality warranty and shelf life
10.1. Each "e.viskasplytelems.lt" products sold properties are generally specified for each item in the item description.
10.2. Seller is not responsible for the fact that the online store the product its color, shape and other parameters may not correspond to actual trade size, shape and color for the buyer used to display properties.
10.3. Seller warrants the goods, each product has its own warranty period, which is indicated for each item.
10.4. In the event that Seller certain types of goods, quality items does not guarantee, under warranty, the relevant legislation.
10.5. Seller provides goods warranty service acting as a liaison between the buyer and the manufacturer or manufacturer's representative.
10.6. Seller agrees to comply with the warranty service within 15-45 working days.
11th Product Return and Exchange
11.1. Disadvantages of goods sold are discarded, replaced faulty prekėsi released in accordance with the Minister of Economy in 2001. June 29. Order No. 217 "The return and exchange rules of the Approval to return and exchange rules.
11.2. In order to return the item (s) 11.1. Rules of the cases referred to, the Buyer must inform the seller of e.info@viskasplytelems.lt post.
11.3. 11.1. Under clause provides for the right buyer can take advantage of within 365 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods to him to inform the seller about 4.2. Rules above the prescribed manner.
11.4. Buyer return the goods, subject to the following conditions:
11.4.1. returned item must be in its original orderly packaging (this does not apply if the return of defective goods);
11.4.2. Product must be intact (the product or its packaging appearance changes that were necessary to inspect the goods, can not be considered essential items look as amended);
11.4.3. Product must be unused, marketable appearance (its labels and security pellicle, etc.). (this does not apply if the return of defective goods);
11.4.4. returned item must be in the same configuration as it was received by the buyer;
11.4.5. returning the items necessary to provide for the acquisition document and pass guarantee.
11.5. Seller has the right not to accept the buyer of returned goods if the buyer fails to comply with this Article lays down the procedure for returning the goods.
11.6. Buyers returned goods can present itself at Verkių g. 36, LT-09109 Vilnius, Lithuania. In that case, the seller does not have a similar product, he returned to the Purchaser for the product (s) of your money back.
11.7. Product Return and change is governed by the Minister of Economy in 2001. June 29. Order No. 217 approved "return and exchange rules" and Minister of Economy in 2001. August 17. Order No. 258 approved duffel sales and services when the contracts are concluded by means of communication rules.
11.8. Money for returned goods in all cases transferred to a payment order and only to the payer's bank account.
12th Responsibility
12.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of the data presented in person. If the buyer fails to exact personal data, the Seller shall not be liable for the resulting consequences and be entitled to claim from the Buyer as direct damages.
12.2. The buyer is responsible for the actions carried out by using this on-line store.
12.3. Joined Buyer is responsible for your login data to third parties. If e.viskasplytelems.lt "services used by a third party at our online store using the login Buyer, Seller of this person as Purchaser.
12.4. Seller exempt from any liability in case of loss caused to the buyer, regardless of the Seller's recommendations and their commitment familiar with these rules, although this possibility was given.
12.5. If the seller has an online store contains links to other companies, organizations or individuals websites Seller is not responsible for the information contained therein, or activities, these sites does not monitor, control, and those companies and individuals represented.
12.6. In case of injury, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party for direct losses.
12.7. Seller is not responsible for Buyer's and Seller's partners whose services Customer orders, good mutual obligations.
13th Exchange of information
13.1. Seller sends all messages Rules 2.2. above procedure laid down in the buyer's e-mail address.
13.2. Buyer all reports and questions send seller online shopping in the "Contact Us" referred measures.
14th Final Provisions
14.1. These rules are made pursuant to provisions of the legal acts.
14.2. These rules apply to relations arising from the Ministry of Law.
14.3. All disputes arising from the enforcement of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing an agreement, the disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.