Shipping and payment information

1.  Standard bank transfer

viskasplytelems-payment-computer.pngThe customer can pay by bank transfer at the online bank or in any branch of the bank or by Credit cards (MasterCard; Visa; Maestro).

2.  Paying by cash

viskasplytelems-payment-cash.pngThe customer can pay for the order by paying cash if they choose any of these delivery methods:

*  Shipping by courier (+ 3 EUR for taking the money);

*  Taking the goods at our office in Vilnius;

3.  Paying by credit or debit card

The customer can pay by credit or debit card if they choose to deliver a goods by mail machine LP express 24 or POST24.


Delivery methods:

During the reception of ordered goods you have to take a look at the condition of the products. Should the product have any issues with its appearance or even if the order itself is incomplete, immediately record this and send us the visual materials to our e-mail at: info@viskaplytelems.lt or by mobile phone +370 656 19670
1.  Delivering the products by courier (to Your address).

viskasplytelems-kurjeris.pngDelivery time: next working day after the order has been placed if the courier has to deliver in the territory of Lithuania.

Delivery price: from 1.74 EUR (depends on weight).

Additional information: if the order has been made on a workday until 4 pm, then we give the goods to the courier on the same day and the customer gets the shipment on the next workday. The courier can deliver the goods to any town or village in the territory of Lithuania. On a day of a delivery, the courier may call the customer and coordinate the delivery time with them. The customer can pay for the goods by cash to the courier (+ 3 EUR for taking the money).

2. Taking the goods at our office in Vilnius and in Kaunas.


Address #1: Verkių str. 36, Vilnius, Lithuania

Address #2: Juozapaviciaus str. 82A, Kaunas, Lithuania

Receiving period: during workdays from 8 am to 6 pm. Weekends or Public holidays are on a case by case basis.

Additional information: the customers can take the order if the manager confirms that the goods are ready to be received. There is one advantage for taking products at our office: the customer can check the products and pay by cash with no additional fee.

3.  Delivery to LP express24 terminals in the territory on Lithuania.


Delivery time: 1-2 workdays.

Delivery price: 3.48 EUR (depends on weight).

Additional information: the goods can be sent on work days until 5 pm. It takes 1-2 workdays to deliver the goods to the Omniva (POST24) mail machine. When the goods are ready to be taken, the customer gets a short message with details on how to take the goods from the nearest mail machine.


4.  Delivery to other EU countries.

viskasplytelems-delivery-world.pngShould the customer prefer to send the product abroad, we can happily oblige them. For additional information contact us by e-mail: info@viskasplytelems.lt or by mobile phone: +370 656 19670