Warranty​ for customer.

100 % money-back guarantee

viskasplytelems_moneyback.pngIn order to eliminate any worries the clients may have regarding refunds, we want to proudly reassure them by saying that in the event that the product is faulty, it can either be replaced with a new one or you can have your money back.

We place our value not on one-time sales, but in the costumers who make them possible.

100 % product quality


Our products are manufactured according to the highest European Union (EU) and Scandinavian (SINTEF) standards. Each product is evaluated and assigned to the environmental assessment in accordance with the best known methods of evaluation. 

“A common mistake of man is to search for copies should the original be lost…”

viskasplytelems_servisas24.png6-12 months repair warranty for tools

Very often we face to the question: “What happens if the tool I bought breaks down over time?”. Our goal is to eliminate such worries by giving all our tools a 6-12 month repair warranty

“Sell the product and forget the customer – this is not our style”

Human service warranty
Our professional employees are working hard and taking good care of the customer‘s needs” ~ Sales manager Darius Kasaitis (mob.: +370 656 19790).

Which is why:

• Have any questions? You can always call us. 7 days a week, from 8 am to 6 pm;
•If the line is busy you can always send us a text message describing with the ideal time and our consultant will contact you ASAP
If You do not wish to register, there is the opportunity to place  an order without the need for registration on our e-shop website. You can also call us or write an e-mail to info@viskasplytelems.lt;
•You can also choose the best delivery method, for example: express delivery to any address You will like (Lithuania and Baltic states).
•Registration on the website is not required in order to make a purchase. You can pay by bank transfer or pay by cash to the courier, on the moment when the goods will be delivered to Your address;
•If You live in Vilnius (Lithuania), our office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm – we welcome all customers to come and see the good for themselves
•There are also a lots of small, but important details, which help us meet your expectations.


Request a product

We cooperate directly with many manufacturers, so we can introduce you to the desired product, even though they are not in our online store. Let us know what you are looking for and get a personalized proposal.

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